Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pool Problems Persist

Since my last post I've switched up my swimming routine: I've started swimming after work. I get up at my regular time, eat my breakfast and head into work early. That allows me to leave before 4:30 and hit the 5PM lap session. It's been a remarkable difference from the mornings; instead of circle swimming with 2-4 others in a lane I now generally have my pick of lanes, in fact I sometimes have the pool all to myself. It's been like a little slice of heaven. Unfortunately, my visit to the promised land will be coming to an end. For the two weeks from August 9-23 my pool will be completely closed for its yearly maintenance, leaving me no good choices for swimming. Last year during this yearly maintenance I tried swimming at one of the outdoor pools after work: I was really looking forward using their 50m pool. Unfortunately, when I arrived I discovered that it was not possible to swim 50m laps because the pool was broken up into sections for general swim. The lap area consisted of lanes across the width of the pool, down at the end by the diving board. I ended up swimming lap, periodically being splashed by divers, and having to do turns next to the couple making out against the wall. I hated it. However, it looks like this or nothing. I guess I just need to HTFU and swim.

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